Things you may need to bring or give consideration to when taking classes:

  • Teachers other than me get the full amount for the class and I will not run those fees on credit. You must bring cash or check for a teacher.
  • Tools – If you have a special set of tools that you use, bring them to class. Make sure that you have a colored piece of tape or your name on the tape around the handles. We will not be responsible for tools that may get picked up by accident by anther student.
  • Tools for wire wrapping and hammer metals must be purchased for the class. We have some tools that are available for use but we cannot supply tools to everyone for just the class. Standard beading tools are available for use and for purchase. You will get a packet at the beginning of class and are expected to return them at the end of class
  • In a basic beading class, you may feel free to bring jewelry that you would like to take apart and re-string.
  • If this is your first experience beading and you need materials, please purchase your materials prior to class or please come to class 30 minutes to an hour earlier  The shoppings hours are from Tuesday, Thursday Friday and Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Unless we have students for a class. We will be open later at night.  Wednesdays only during summer we are here from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm.  We will  have shopping hours the night of classes for the public.
  • It can be over wehlming at first so I suggest you think of an outfit or your favorite colors and I will help direct you in that manner. You may bring articles of clothing in to match colors of materials.  It is important that classes start right on time and end promptly.
  • Children that are experienced beaders may come to any classes that are adult classes but they must pay the class fee as any other student. If your child is taking the class and you are not, we prefer that the child is dropped off and picked up. We do not have a large enough facility for people to be sitting and just observing during class times and we discourage that. If you and your child want to take a class together you must pay for two seats in the class.
  • You may bring your personal light and magnifier if you need to use those items to facilitate seeing the work better. Please do not forget your reading glasses or anything you need to see better.
  • You may bring beverages and snacks. We realize that some people do not get to have dinner when a class has to start at 6:00. You may eat and drink here while working. We understand  this. Please just throw your garbage away and clean up after yourself putting all tools and beads away.
  • Class Conduct - This is not a race or a competitive environment and I discourage that. If you are more experienced and finish and understand what is taking place. Please do not forge ahead of the class instead you may go out and look at the store items or help your fellow class mate that is next to you.
  • I am always open to ideas and suggestions. If you have them please e-mail us through the contact page. The night of the class is not an opportunity to debate what you may feel is better. Please respects the teachers and other students in the class during the period that those pay for.
  • There are times we may say "it is a Party" you can bring wine and snacks to share.... this is not mandatory and by no means am I encouraging drinking. It is a fun thing for anyone who wants to participate.... if you do not bring beverage and your own snack or nothing if you prefer. 
  • Please in order to make the experience good for all no extensive talking while the teaching is taking place.
  • Thanks all and you will learn a lot and have great fun here! 



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