Beads of a Feather Bridal Information

Price at Beads Of A Feather is based on the price of the beads, the findings, finishing work, and consultation time. You tell us your price range, and we will work within that range providing you with a variety of alternatives. We offer you the opportunty to come and learn how to professionally assemble jewelry; so that you can lower your cost.


•A bridal party must consist of four or more attendants, or mothers and family members, to schedule a party. Concept and idea must be agreed upon two weeks prior to the party.

•There will be a one hour free consultation. Consultation after that time is $20.00 per hour.

•You may bring pictures and gowns, or material swatches to assist in concept and colors.

•Kits will be assembled and based on size discrepancies.

•Party members can add more beads at the time of assembly, with additional cost for material and length changes at the discretion of the Bride.

•To have a private party, there will be the cost of the materials, a fee of 70.00 for the space, time, and teaching time. Each member is getting a 30.00 value class instruction for making a necklace, bracelet, and Earring Set.

•Your may bring snacks and beverages, but must be responsible for all paper products.

•The cost to do the labor for custom work will be double to triple this added costs of having party and making the jewelry yourself.

•This concept only applies to basic bead stringing, no intricate work or crown designing. The time allotted for the Party is three hours. After that and addition 20.00 per hour for the teaching and facilities will be required.

We will make jewelry for all members of the family. Most important aspect of this is that you find out correct sizing or there could be extra – restringing and assembly cost.

An Appointment must be set up two weeks in advance for an hour consultation meeting to go over the jewelry concept and or to have the jewelry made by Beads Of A Feather or to set up a private Bridal party in which the party makes the jewelry. If there is more consultation time required the time will be billed at 20.00 per hour.

There are times that the bride will want to have the jewelry made for gifts to surprise her attendants at the rehearsal dinner with the gift of jewelry to accent the formal attire. If this is the case and Beads Of A Feather create and assemble the jewelry custom sizing must be provided. We can help with that assumption but we cannot be accountable for jewelry that is not an appropriate length if we visually do not see the attendant or measure. In the case where jewelry must re-assembled for a shorter or longer length there will be additional charges.

We will ship jewelry only and after there is a sign off on a picture of the final assembly. Shipping cost will be based on all modes of transportation, Ground UPS, One Day, Two Day or Fed Ex will be applied as an extra cost including time and packaging and boxing materials.

A 30% deposit is required at the time of agreement on a Bridal Party assembling the jewelry or at the time a concept is agreed upon. 50% of the deposit will be returned within 15 days of cancellation and no deposit will be returned there after the 15 days.

After concept meeting, a work order with all cost will be prepared and a signed agreement on time frame, monies received and agreed expectation of a party or Beads Of A Feather assembly will take place.

Custom design takes time and sometimes error and rework to achieve the essence of what is desired. We will make one concept and will allow a change. If several changes are made additional consultation fees will be required for the additional time and labor.

Beads Of A Feather guarantees their work for one year. That includes re-assembly only. We cannot or will not be responsible for crystals falling out of findings that are purchased from a third party supplier. Those parts and components we cannot possibly guarantee.

If you refer another bride with a party of four or more you will receive in store credit of 25.00. This will not be applied until the bride has paid for in full all her responsibilities to Beads Of A Feather. At that time an in store gift certificate will be sent to you. You must be sure that your referral gives us your name address and phone number upon the first consultation visit.

You will find that we are the best in the area to suit a variety of needs. Stop in and see us and learn about our frequent shoppers coupon

Thanks For Supporting a New and Exciting Concept in Bridal Jewelry and Accessories.

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