Will Beads Of A Feather provide Discounts for Large Volume Purchases?
Yes – When you buy 100 crystals of the same color and or style you will receive an additional 5 cents off per piece. I will order volume and special items upon request. Customers can look at catalogs to make volume purchase decisions.

Will Beads Of A Feather Sell Instructions and Patterns for Classes Available?

No I'm sorry but this is an area that we will not currently get into. The projects designed belong to the teaching staff and we do not copy, nor support selling other designers work. We will however send you to the designer, and that decision will be theirs.

'm a bride to be and would like to have custom Jewelry made or a custom bridal headpiece created? What is the process?
A private consultation is required and appointment is needed a couple months in advance of the wedding. One concept will be made for approval, where changes can be made. This time required for custom design will be added to the initial costs per item made. Please go to parties and click bridal.

Can you walk in and bead at your shop?

Yes but we encourage you to look at the class schedule first. Open beading will only be permitted during times when there are not no classes scheduled. Due to limited staff, we will help you as we can between other customers purchasing product.

How do I schedule for a class, and what are the guidelines?
You must call or e-mail at least two days in advance of the class and schedule a spot. At the time of the call for a scheduled spot we encourage the student to pay in advance. It will be only those paid customers that will be guaranteed a spot. You may send a check to Beads Of A Feather with the name of Instructor on the check. All instructors are independent contractors. I do not profit from their teaching, so all documentation for classes must be in their name.

Can I get jewelry repairs done at Beads of a Feather?
Yes, but this requires a consultation. We do not work with setting stones or inlaid work with gold and silver, and we do not solder. We are able to repair all many types of jewelry, both new and antique. Stringing fees are $6.00 per bracelet and $8.00 per necklace. This will double for double strand re-stringing.

When I buy Custom Jewelry online, what is the Policy?
If the customer is not satisfied, they have two weeks to return the product, and it must be in the same condition that it was received. We guarantee all our custom work for one year, as long at the Jewelry has been taken care of. We cannot be responsible for jewelry that breaks due to getting caught up on something, sleeping with the jewelry on, or jewelry that gets damage by being thrown together with other jewelry in a box. Our Jewelry must be taken care of in order to provide a long life of wear. You must have a receipt when returning the jewelry for guarantee within the year if it breaks.

How much would it cost to have my vintage pearls re-knotted and restrung?
This process takes a bit of time, and based on the length, the average cost to re-knot pearls is $25.00 - $40.00.

Will you order special volume and quantities for group activities?
Yes we will order special, as long as enough time is permitted. Usually we request a month in advance for special group orders, such as volume purchases of crystals.

Can I bring my own beads to the shop for classes?
I have been the most liberal shop with this policy. It has gotten out of hand. I will not be able to survive in business if the teacher gets the class fee and the beads are not purchased here. So I would respect that you have respect for my need to keep the doors open and become profitable by purchasing the items for classes at the shop.



We have parking available right by our store.  If you are coming with friends to a class.  We have room for about 10 cars. Please Car Pool together if you are attending a class with friends or family.  The lot does get full when we have a full class of 10.

From Oneonta:  Route 88 West to Sidney Exit.  Come into town Cross Bridge. Take River St. To Union. Make a Right on Union. We are directly on corner of Division and Union St.

From Binghamton Route 88 East to Sidney Exit.  Same as above.


Ordering Information

Custom Jewelry will be on line first. Other products will be on line a couple months after. We will start small, and then increase the number of items being sold on line as we move forward. This will allow us to give you the best service possible, and hire staff appropriately. We will be putting the inventory on the site, so please be cautious to look at what is available. It will take quite some time to have a full store of inventory on line, but please do not hesitate to call us. We will discuss and ship out items that may not be on line yet. There will be one of a kind items, and if item is out of stock, chances are we may not get the particular item back in again.

Product Release

New products will be put up on a regular basis, so please be sure to check what is new, what is in, and quantities available. We also have special monthly in store sales.

Returns & Exchange

We honor a 30 day return policy, except on Custom Made Jewelry, that will be two weeks if you are not satisfied. The exchange will be credit to a credit card, or cash will be returned if cash was the purchase vehicle. When a purchase is made in person at Beads Of A Feather, our policy is that you MUST have the receipt to get the return. It does not matter that the Beads Of A Feather Tag is on the product. If the sales receipt is not available, there will be no credit or exchange. Likewise if the 30 days has passed there will be no return credit. The 30 day policy is right on the receipt. Please take note to that when you purchase.

Shipping Information

We will UPS Ground, Two Day, USPS Priority Mail, and First Class. There will be no tracking with First Class, so please keep that in mind when you make your choices. The cost for shipping will be totaled in the order. Our goal is to charge the exact fee for postal, with fair packaging price and labor to ship. Our goal is not to over profit from shipping cost. Your bead buying order is more important to us than profiting from shipping.


Our Services to You – “ Our pleasure is your satisfaction”

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