Chain Maille Classes

New Class - You must purchase the Magazine for the instruction to give credit to the Artist. I will be there to provide support for free. Overall average with base metal for this class is 50.00. You will need over 400 jump rings in 4m, 7m, in a variety of sizes. Large SW Crystals are 8.00 per piece. I will give 20% off SW crystals with a sign up.

Materials must be purchased at BOF. Bring two chain, needle, or flat nose. We have tools if you don't. You must advise. Tools should be dipped in tool Magic if you are concerned about making marks on the rings. I will dip tools if they are dropped off the day before for a 1.00 fee. Tools must sit over night to dry appropriately. They cannot be dipped prior to class.


Japanese Chain Maille

Japanese 4-1 Chain Maille. Cost 20.00 – Materials Average $25.00 This is a very simple chain bracelet and very reasonably priced. It is delicate but time consuming. This class is a technique class. One will not finish but will find the pattern to be one of the easiest and can us this pattern in a variety of ways for different creations single double or triple strand chains can be made with variations of this pattern.



European Chain Maille

Class Cost $20.00 - Materials will vary. Can be as low as $10.00 for base metal enamel rings and as high as $70.00 for sterling or gold jump rings.

Byzantine Chain Maille

Class Cost $20.00 Materials will vary from as low as $10.00 with base metal enamel to as high as $60.00 for sterling and or gold filled jump rings.


Open Round Chain Maille

Instruction Cost $20.00. Materials Cost is separate averaging $15.00 - $70.00 Depending on choices in materials. In this class students will learn how to design and add a variety of components to the open round chain maille. Students will learn how to open and close jump rings properly and learn the open round pattern.


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